A critically acclaimed fashion extraordinaire & master couturier, Fahad Hussayn’ s designs depict history, art, architecture & diverse cultures all meshed with modern & contemporary sensibilities. Specializing in Art Couture, Exclusive limited Edition Prints , Bespoke Menswear , Custom Commission Novelty Creations & Bridal masterpieces , Fahad’s signature creations use extensive design research and development .His style is known for its traditional revival hand embroideries, vintage grandeur, outstanding artistry, intricate embellishments & contemporary patchwork techniques in a ballad of epic fusion .Always head on with interesting inspiring themes, his collections range from bold, edgy & dramatic to sophisticated and elegant wear. His creations are repository for the precious memories of the special occasions they represent and the unique history behind them.

Fahad Hussayn has also been nominated by the prestigious LUX STYLE AWARDS  in the categories of menswear, bridal & prints. Having dressed countless celebrities for various red carpet events and styled artists for multiple music videos locally & internationally, Fahad Hussayn has fast become one of the most sought after designers in the country.


Our Legacy 

Fahad Hussayn Imaginarium HQ is the brain child of fashion extraordinaire Fahad Hussayn. After the success of Fahad Hussayn Couture and Fahad Hussayn Print Museum, Fahad Hussayn is now proud to introduce another independent project under the banner of Fahad Hussayn Imaginarium HQ — Imaginarium Design Solutions, a premier design sourcing studio that works with businesses in the fashion industry to cater to their all around requirements in various fields such as editorial campaigns, catalogue layouts, Shoot Set up, Styling & Direction & Co-ordination, Event Management , Corporate display Set up, Exclusive Capsule collection designing services , etc.”

Fahad Hussayn Couture features Bespoke men’s wear, Art Couture, Custom Commissioned Novelty Creations and Luxury Bridal trousseau. A high end fashion label that epitomizes the term “pure grandeur”.


Fahad Hussayn Print Museum showcases exclusive one-off cuts, hues and designs that will combine the best elements from the world of art, architecture and fashion. It deals with high-end retail fashion & textile projects like limited edition signature digital prints & luxury Ready to Wear /Unstitched creations.


Imaginarium Design Solutions is a premier design sourcing studio. A harem for glitz in showcasing marketable ideas including, but in no way limited to company image building, conceptual research, design consultancy, sourcing and assisting brands in making their mark in an ever evolving market.